Critical Path Group

Critical Path Group manages both the largest and newest venture forums for the emerging technology industries in Canada. Check out our forums below!

AGRI Tech Venture Forum

The ag tech landscape has evolved significantly in recent years. As the sector expands and continues to gain momentum as a critical industry for a sustainable future, the Agri Investment Forum has transformed into the AGRI Tech Venture Forum. New ventures and high growth companies require more than just financial capital to succeed in the dynamic global market. Innovation, partnerships, ingenuity, and experience are just a few of the ingredients for an ag tech success story, and you will find all of these and more when you join us in unveiling the future of ag tech at the AGRI Tech Venture Forum in Toronto.

  • Premium Networking: Ag Tech Executives, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Corporate Strategics, and more.
  • Inspiration and Ingenuity: A Showcase featuring outstanding Growth & Early Stage Ag Tech companies.
  • Business Intelligence: The latest investment and innovation trends direct from Industry Experts.

Atlantic Venture Forum

The entrepreneurial landscape has changed significantly since the first Atlantic Venture Forum (AVF) in 2013. As the ecosystem continues to gain momentum, the AVF is being transformed to meet the needs of this dynamic region. New ventures and growth stage companies need more than just financial capital to succeed. Innovation, partnerships, ingenuity, and expertise are just a few of the ingredients for an entrepreneur’s tech success story, and you will find all of these and more when you join us at the Atlantic Venture Forum in Halifax, NS. Grow Your Business!

  • Premium Networking: Tech Industry Executives, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Corporate Strategics, Research Partners, and more.
  • Inspiration and Ingenuity: A Technology Showcase featuring outstanding Early Stage companies complimented by mature Growth Stage companies, all from the Atlantic Canadian region.
  • Business Intelligence: The latest investment and innovation trends direct from Industry Experts.

Banff Venture Forum

The New Technology Economy Happens in Banff Banff Venture Forum, Canada’s premier company financing event, is designed to showcase the hottest hi-tech companies from across North America, offer insight into key issues within the industry, provide a premium networking opportunity and give companies a chance to learn from world-class professionals in the investment community. Since its inception in 1999, Banff Venture Forum has realised an order of magnitude scale of growth in all respects, with last year’s Forum hosting in excess of 40 venture capital firms, 50 presenting companies, and 350 delegates. Featuring technology companies across two streams, Information Technology and Sustainable Technology, the Banff Venture Forum provides emerging technology companies with unparalleled visibility and an opportunity to present to leading private equity and venture capital investors from across North America. Whether you are looking for the next lucrative investment or aiming to secure financing, Banff Venture Forum is an event not to be missed.

Canadian Financing Forum

Join us in Vancouver for networking, fresh industry insights, and a look at the next up-and-coming high-tech companies. New schoolers and old schoolers rendezvous at the annual Canadian Financing Forum to advance the alchemy and art of finding and building the next generation of game changing companies. Further your strategic networking agenda in Vancouver as we bring together the west coast’s largest gathering of corporate development leaders from some of the most active acquirers in IT and Cleantech, the most active US and Canadian VC firms, and the most accomplished M&A professionals. Over 40 VC firms and corporate strategics will be there – where will you be?

Decentralised Energy Forum

It’s Time to Bring Back Curious The Information Age is transitioning our economy from a labour-intensive and resource-based one into an economy that is based on information technology. Key developments affecting the evolution of this new economy relate to multimedia, big data and the increased value of social factors when adopting technology and information. No sector will escape the impact of these changes and the role that dentralised energy will play in society will be extremely different. There’s never been a better time to activate our minds, observe new ideas and open up a world of possibility. The Decentralised Energy Forum reflects the evolution of the sector. Like-minded industry experts will come together to make contemporary energy an integral part of our modern build environment. Where the journey to interactive and automated energy is showcased. Where you meet inspirational business leaders that spark your imagination and put your business on a clear path for future success.

PROPEL Energy Tech Forum

PROPEL is the annual Energy Technology Venture Forum that brings together the best, boldest, most innovative emerging and established energy technology companies. Technology adoption is critical to the long-term viability and stewardship of global energy resources – now more than ever. The driving sources of energy are changing as we move from a hydrocarbon fuel focus toward renewables. Calgary is at the forefront of this revolution, standing as the key setting for fostering, commercializing, and integrating new energy technologies. PROPEL Energy Tech and its global industry partners are seizing this leadership opportunity, and have created the platform for building the energy industry of the future – you won’t want to miss it!